Factory-Trained and State Licensed.
Serving TN, AR and MS

Fire Extinguishers and Commercial Hood Cleaning
in the Mid-South

A family-owned business serving the mid-South since 1959

About Us

Floied Fire Extinguisher & Steam Cleaning Company Inc. has been serving Memphis and the surrounding area including TN, AR and MS since 1959, providing safe and reliable fire extinguisher products, installations and inspections, as well as thorough and professional kitchen and industrial cleaning services.

Portable Fire Extinguishers

Portable Fire Extinguishers

We are not only a supplier of all types of new fire extinguishers but also we service all types of portable fire extinguishers for installations and inspections. We have a full fleet of service trucks staffed with state licensed technicians to inspect and recharge on-site. Every truck carries a full complement of new fire extinguishers as well.

Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

Since 1959, we have been keeping businesses safe, profitable and code compliant with our Automatic Fire Suppression Systems. We install, service, inspect and recharge complete commercial and industrial fire suppression systems for a variety of clients in the Memphis area.

Steam Cleaning

Our steam cleaning crews work at your facilities’ convenience: nights, weekends, and even the wee hours of the night. We understand the need for clean equipment, floors, walls and ceilings, and won’t make you lose service hours to get it. As Mr. Floied always said, “We can clean most anything—give us a challenge!”

Keep Your Business Clean and Safe

With our wide range of steam cleaning and fire extinguisher maintenance and installation services, we are prepared to give your property a deep clean while keeping it protected from potential fire hazards. Give us a call today for more information on how we can be of service to you.

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