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Fire Extinguishers in the Mid-South

Be Prepared In Case of a Fire

Since 1959, Floied Fire Extinguisher & Steam Cleaning Co., Inc has helped local businesses answer the ever important questions such as “WHAT TYPE of fire extinguisher do I need?” “HOW MANY fire extinguishers do I need?” and “WHAT SIZE of fire extinguishers do I need?” to remain compliant with codes, regulations and standards. Fire extinguishers are the first line of defense – they must be properly serviced and inspected in order to save lives and businesses.

Extinguisher Inspection

It’s important to have your fire extinguishers inspected regularly to ensure compliance to regulations, as well as to keep you and others safe during emergencies. Our staff of trained and licensed technicians offer inspection services to keep your extinguisher ready at any moment. The inspections include:

Visual Inspection:

We visually check the extinguisher to ensure that dates, cylinders and gauges are to code

Physical Inspection:

We physically examine the unit to check for damage, proper sealing, weight and more


We provide a tag to accompany your extinguisher unit for future reference to dates of inspection and location

Extinguisher Maintenance

Extinguisher maintenance is crucial when preparing for unexpected emergencies. After your extinguisher inspection, it is important to ensure that your unit is correctly maintained and prepared for action at any moment. 

Our team is ready to provide a wide range of extinguisher maintenance services, including:

Cleaning: Removal of dust, greases and oil residue is important to ensure proper release of contents

Working Parts: To keep your unit safe and ready, allow our team to replace old, damaged or dented parts

Pressure Levels: Let our professionals adjust your unit’s pressure levels to a safe and equalized level

Extinguisher Installation

Keep your fire extinguisher ready and within reach to be used in any fire situation. Our team offers professional fire extinguisher installation services to allow for easy access and a safer environment.

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